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Your Passport To a Yoga Apparel Empire!

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From Vision to Reality: Crafting Your Perfect Yoga Apparel

  • Sketching: Transform your vision into initial design sketches, capturing the essence of your ideal yoga apparel.
  • Finalizing Designs: Refine and perfect the chosen designs, ensuring they align with your specifications and brand identity.
  • Dyeing: Expertly apply vibrant and eco-friendly dyes, bringing colors to life and enhancing the visual appeal of your yoga apparel.
  • Sampling: Create meticulous samples, allowing you to assess the fit, feel, and overall quality of the garments before production.
  • Production: With utmost precision and care, produce your yoga apparel

Fabric Type

Threaded Beauty Fabric

Vertical texture with thicker rib stripes, retains original stretch and high elasticity while providing excellent moisture-wicking and breathability.

Bare Sensation Collection

Skin-like fit, outstanding drape, smooth lines, silky texture, and natural clothing contours.

Eco-friendly Regenerated Nylon Collection

Offers a hand feel similar to traditional nylon fabrics, aligning with global fashion trends and highly recommended by multiple clothing industries.

Seamless Nylon Collection

Nylon 66 core material, high-density fine yarn structure, outstanding durability, high elasticity, moisture absorption, and excellent resilience, maintaining shape

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Your Passport to a Yoga Apparel Empire!

Unlock success and profitability with Movevox’s seamless knitted yoga apparel. Embrace every stitch of our exceptional craftsmanship and elevate your yoga apparel empire.

Make your dreams come true

Make your dreams come true

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